iPAS is a complete office automation software to monitor and control work and processes in offices. The entire solution included Letter Management, Document Journey Management, Admin Approval, Fund Management, and Work Monitoring along with Mobile suit.

iPAS is a full-fledged project automation software designed to monitor and streamline project work processes within your office. This all-in-one project management solution covers Letter Management, Document Journey Management, Admin Approval, Fund Management, and Work Monitoring. Additionally, the integrated mobile suite perfectly aligns with the standard operational workflows of your office projects.

iPAS drives ESDS' Mission Of Connecting 1B+ Lives

This e-Governance project management solution (PMS) is developed by ESDS Software Solution Ltd., one of India's leading cloud solution providers for the past 19 years. Along with cloud computing, ESDS also offers managed services, managed security services and digital transformation solutions. ESDS is the market leader in hosting government cloud applications and has the most significant number of banking customers in India. ESDS is marching to change the lives of 1 billion people.

Our Purpose: Digitizing Project Management With Agility

Our project management solution, iPAS, utilizes technology to enhance organizational efficiency. It accelerates project tasks, making them faster, clearer, and accessible to everyone. iPAS transforms how organizations operate by digitizing job processes, enabling automation, and providing a seamless digital workspace for people, businesses, and government workers to collaborate effortlessly.

iPAS simplifies the process of collecting, storing, and analyzing information. It consolidates all project data in one location, allowing teams to utilize data effectively for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Our Vision: Empower Efficiency, Planning, and Speedy Project Execution

iPAS aims to simplify the work for people managing projects. Our project management solution helps teams collaborate more effectively, enabling them to deliver services faster and utilize resources wisely.

Our Mission: iPAS - Innovating Project Management For A Better Future!

With iPAS, our mission is to create an innovative and intelligent project management solution that revolutionizes how governments and organizations operate, communicate with people, and deliver services. We leverage cutting-edge technology, consider people's needs, and are committed to clarity and inclusivity for everyone.

We want to create solutions that require less paperwork and can perform tasks automatically. By doing so, we assist organizations in improving their efficiency, allowing them to allocate time and resources toward delivering better services and achieving superior results.