iPAS is a complete office automation software to monitor and control work and processes in offices. The entire solution included Letter Management, Document Journey Management, Admin Approval, Fund Management, and Work Monitoring along with Mobile suit.

Your All-in-one
Project Management Solution

Experience Efficiency and Mobility with iPAS – Integrated Planning Office Automation System

Wondering How To Overcome Project Management Challenges?
Discover iPAS!

Imagine having a trusted office companion that takes care of everything from start to finish – that's iPAS for you. From initial ideas to the final execution of your projects, iPAS is your go-to solution. It not only keeps a close eye on how your office projects come to life but also manages your funds with precision.

But that's not all! iPAS is designed to supercharge your project monitoring across different departments, making everything run smoother.

In simple terms, iPAS acts like a digital project assistant, handling letters, tracking documents, processing approvals, and ensuring your funds are well-spent, all while keeping an eye on project progress. And don't forget, it's available on mobile for your convenience. iPAS – your office's new best friend!

Streamline Your Project Critical Tasks With The Best Project Management Solution

Letter Management
Work Monitoring
Admin Approval
Fund Management
Document Journey Management

Seamlessly Execute Your Projects In One Place

Master any project with iPAS, from simple tasks to complex endeavors. Manage, monitor, and easily conquer project workflows and tasks.

Streamlined Document

Efficiently manage document workflows, using the document management system. Simplify with colour coding and bulk uploads.

Insightful MIS
& Analytics

Access valuable operational insights with detailed reports and dashboards on accounts, work progress to make informed decisions.

GIS-Enabled Project

Maintain precise project control with accurate work monitoring, real-time progress tracking, and location insights through the GIS system.

Plan & Track

Efficiently Maximize project efficiency through optimized resource planning and seamless progress tracking for timely delivery.

Seamless Fund

Effortlessly manage finances, track accounts, handle fund rules, and optimize work expenditures and fund releases.

Add 10X Power To Your Project Management

  • Boost project teams’ collaboration levels by an impressive 33%.
  • Cut paper usage by 55%, save costs and promote sustainability.
  • Effortlessly share crucial data and streamline across diverse departments.
  • Contribute to a greener tomorrow by actively reducing your carbon footprint
  • Enhance clearance speed from a mere 30 files per day to an impressive 100 files daily.
  • Skyrocket project performance by an incredible 65%, simultaneously cutting down costs.
  • Slash file approval time from 30 to a mere 2.5 days for lightning-fast processes.
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Did You Know iPAS Has Been Revolutionizing Government Offices?

iPAS has been implemented and is running successfully in the District Planning Office (DPC) of 36 districts in Maharashtra.

iPAS accomplishments

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Citizens benefited


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